Folding Beds

Purchasing versus owning a folding bed.

Many customers as me should I rent a bed from you or buy one.

You should consider how long I will need the bed for. Will I have guest coming on a regular basis or once in a blue moon.

If you just need the bed for a nurse or guest that comes very seldom then renting is a good option. You will same lots of money. Rentals start at $35.00 per week.

If you have regular guests coming and have the space to store it then purchasing is the right solution for you.

You should always purchase a good rollaway bed that meets your needs. If Grandma will be coming
over you do not want to give here a bed that is low to the ground. It will be hard for her to get in out of the bed.

Usually the beds that are priced over $250.00 are of good quality. If you want superior quality then you may spend Five or Six Hundred Dollars.

If you expect to throw away the bed after a few uses then you may get away with purchasing one for under $100.00.

Call us at 800-707-0754 to discuss which bed will meet your needs.


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